Fitting Advice

Shoes By Courier

If you don’t live in Paphos, don’t worry! We offer online assistance in measuring your child’s feet at home and helping you chose the most appropriate size and style. Every product in our shop has a measurement in mm that indicates the length of foot the shoe will fit. This allows for 14 mm growing room, so you do not need to buy larger shoes than this, unless you are buying for the future. If your child has very narrow or very wide feet, or a very high instep (tall foot), please message us for special assistance.

Measuring At Home

Measuring your child’s feet at home is easy. For best success, follow these tips:

  • Measure in the afternoon or evening, as feet swell during the day
  • Measure both feet, as one may be bigger than the other. Use the longest measurement
  • Ensure your child is wearing the socks (none/thin/thick) they will be wearing with their new shoes
  • Measure the foot length exactly from heel to longest toe. Do not add extra for growth

With Printer: Print out our handy A4 shoe gauge (at 100% size) – Printable Foot Gauge PDF

Without Printer: Follow the instructions below. When making marks, hold the pen straight up (do not slant).

Shoe Size & Brand

There is variation in size between brands; and even between styles from the same brand For this reason, I recommend using European sizing as a guide only. To find which shoes will fit your child best, compare their length measurement to the recommended foot length for each product. For example, if your child is wearing ‘Nike’ trainers, they may need 1-2 European sizes smaller in ‘Start-rite’ or ‘Hush Puppies’. You do not need to add on extra for growth, as this is already accounted for.

Check The Fit

Once your child’s new shoes arrive, watch this video for advice on checking the fit. A perfect fit in every way is not necessary; the most important thing is that the shoes are not too small, do not slip off the foot, and that your child walks normally without complaint.

IMPORTANT – Wearing shoes that are much too short or narrow can cause pain and damage to your child’s foot.